• Ivan Davis

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  • fag

  • yeah, because it’s free and cheap.

  • Nola Beach

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  • Nola Beach

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  • Andrew Logan Sr

    Wish I could apply the most recent Win 10 build but I can’t. I can only go to Win 10.0.14393 build. Everything after that doesn’t recognize my network card (Ethernet or Wireless). I have checked to see that I have the most up-to-date drivers for them and even reinstalled them, then rebooted. Nevertheless my Intel Wireless 3945ABG card works fine after the roll-back to prior Windows 10 version.


    It always makes me laugh at all the Apple fanboys who act like Windows and Microsoft is the only issue here. You do realise your precious company overcharges for the technology you have, makes it impossible or almost impossible to do any kind of upgrades at the user end, and then cripples your older hardware by deliberately slowing it down to force users to buy newer versions out of frustration… Yep… NO problems with Apple at all! *rolls eyes*

  • azoreseuropa

    SHUT UP, Zippo ? What’s wrong with you, man ? You idiot or something ? Oh my gosh! JEEZ!

  • azoreseuropa

    Hate to tell you but Lenovo sucks. It is like HP. Hate that. :/

  • John Lacey

    Lol, rolling my eyes right back. can’t accuse apple of intentionally slowing down old hardware. 2009 MacBook Pro with an ssd is still really fast and useable, and still worth over £200. Yes Apple might be expensive but they also keep their resale value. I wouldn’t give you £30 For a windows laptop from 2009. Sold my 2015 MacBook Air for £700 and it sold really quickly. Very few people would risk spending £700 on a three year old used windows laptop. Yes I agree the last few years it’s been annoying that you can’t upgrade anything, so I had to buy the correct spec in the beginning, but a lot of windows laptops are starting to go that way to, soldered on ram and cpu. I’m very happy with my precious company. They don’t particularly overcharge either, they only make about 20% profit on a MacBook Pro, (they don’t use cheap shit) which I don’t think is unreasonable. Thanks for your passive aggressive response. Apple hate boy.

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