how to find product key of preinstalled window 8 in dell laptop

i want to reinstall window in my laptop becoz of virus my recovery disc get courrpted . for reinstall again i need my product key of window 8 that which is preinstalled with it
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  1. Your laptop should have a factory defaults option
  2. Check under the battery. There should be a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) sticker with the key on it.
  3. Actuall, with Windows 8 the activation key is embedded in firmware / BIOS in most laptops and prebuilt systems. If that is the case, then installing Win8 will pick up the key with no effort.

    The things they'll do to prevent you from moving an OEM copy to a new machine.
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    Like others said, on back of laptop on the COA sticker. Otherwise, you can find it through your widows registry, but it is encrypted. Third party software exists that will decrypt for your.
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